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The NSA is more likely to find budding romance on World of Warcraft than secret plots

I wrote an opinion piece for The Guardian about what the NSA spying on gamers means to gamers and gaming.

You can read it here

ReadyCase Review: No thanks

I realize that funding projects are often pipe dreams. When you put down money to back someone’s idea, it’s simply that: an idea.

So I’m not upset about how the ReadyCase turned out, but I am massively disappointed.

The concept was great: An iPhone case that adds almost no weight or size to your phone but does deliver a bevy of features.

The ReadyCase was built to hold a memory stick which doubled as a kickstand. It was to come with a utility tool that could serve as a knife, a screwdriver, a bottle opening. It had a built in headphone cord holder. It also had a clever metal ring that could be used to hold magnetized lenses to the bottom for the phone’s camera.

The promise was a case that would turn your already useful phone into a Swiss Army knife. The deliver was far from it.

The case was delayed by more than six months. I only mention this because it should have afforded the team the time to deal with the issues that plague the case.


After a month’s use, and no drops, my case has a split that runs down the bottom of the case. That metal ring has almost completely broken loose of the casing.

The utility tool was shipped unsharpened because, the company said, they wanted people to be able to bring it on a plane. But in its current state it can’t, is too fat to serve as a screwdriver and I can’t even get the thing to open a bottle correctly. That’s right: They somehow misdesigned a bottle opener.

Both the memory stick and the lens adapter and accompanying lenses seem to work as promised, but I’ve found that I have to date had no reason to use the memory stick and the particular lens sizes (it comes with a fisheye, macro and wide, but no telephoto) are a bit useless to me. That’s not the designer’s fault at all, but is worth considering if you’re in the market for something with either of these options. 

The cord holder doesn’t seem to work with any of the earbuds I own, which includes Apple’s official earpods.

And there are other issues. The bottom of the case is so tightly designed that it won’t work with the lightning to 30-pin adapter. The case uses the body of the phone to hold the tool and memory stick in place, and it doesn’t do so very well. I found both popping out at inopportune times and anytime I removed the phone from the case.

The bottom line is that the case is fragile, sort of ugly and in no way utilitarian. After a month of routine, sitting-in-my-pocket use the ReadyCase is literally falling apart.

If you had your eye on this $45 case, I’d pass.

The PS4 add-on no one wants.

The PS4 add-on no one wants.

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The official LEGO Minecraft sets hit this summer. Sooooo cute… wait, runaway!

The official LEGO Minecraft sets hit this summer. Sooooo cute… wait, runaway!

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MC Frontalot’s new (puppet) music video for Stoop Sale. Catchy!